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'I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of the materials I work with.'


Born in England, I studied at Canterbury College of Art and worked as a graphic designer in London, before a bicycle, quite unexpectedly, led me to discover the beautiful Algarve.

Muralist working excusively

although I develop my ideas using pencil, watercolour, montage and photography.

When I wake up in the morning as the dawn light fills the room with a golden southern light

The potential for self-expression.
More than just decoration, a mural expresses a bold lifestyle statement that surpasses trends and fashion to reflect your own distinctive flair, adding that extra dimension of personal expression to your living experience.

Innovative and imaginative as design solutions, murals naturally become an impressive focal point in any space, creating an atmosphere of elegant living expressed through considered design and the distinguished luxury of original hand crafted artwork.

More than just pictures the murals create a stricking architectural feature that will become an impressive focal point in any space, while the natural beauty of the ceramic glazes and colours add that extra dimension of luxuriant richness to the painted surface.

For a unique design concept expressed through the enduring beauty of ceramic tile, consider commissioning a bespoke handpainted tile mural that will enhance the character of your home in a truely distinctive manner.


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